LL Goat | Andy Scott Resurrects The Goat
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These previously un-released recordings are LL Goat’s finest works. They are socially minded songs that groove and rock and roar. LL GOAT (aka “Goat”) is a stellar soloist, but is performing here with his full band. Having been signed to several major labels (Ruffhouse, Interscope), these songs were not included in his previous releases for all the right reasons.

LL GOAT has regained his seat on the throne of the animal kingdom with his latest self-titled offering. All songs were written and recorded with love and the creative energy of the universe.

New Release

LL GOAT is the original “Goat,” before LL COOL J, who actually contacted him for permission and a heads-up when he released his G.O.A.T album. It was like an honor amongst thieves, like a big warm hug from grampa–all good things always and forever and more …

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